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How Mobile IV Therapy Works

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About Lively IV

Lively IV is a Mobile IV Therapy company that sends a medical professional to your home or office to administer IV Fluids, Vitamins, and Electrolytes. IV Vitamin fluids can assist in the relief of several different symptoms and aid in managing general good health, mood, and wellness.

If IV therapy sounds like a good fit for you, our services are available. Our skilled nursing staff will go directly to you and provide mobile IV therapy to both individuals and groups. You can always ask our trained professionals to help customize an infusion that fits your needs and your symptoms perfectly. To find out more about how we can assist, get in touch with us or schedule your IV therapy online.

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Our Popular IV Therapy Infusions





IV treatment is a quick and easy process. To receive therapy, you don't even need to leave your house. You are visited by Lively medics and the insertion of the IV is painless.

By boosting the immune system, antioxidants like vitamin C and even some minerals, like zinc, help defend the body against infection. Our mobile IV therapy can get you all of the vital fluids you may need.

Your immune system, skin, and hydration can all be supported by the infusion of fluids, vitamins, and minerals. Energy levels can also be increased by maintaining the proper ratio of vitamins and minerals in your body.

Immune Boost Infusion

Our immune boost infusion was designed to help fortify and aid your immune system with high dose antioxidants, B-Vitamins, and a powerful multi-vitamin.


Myer's Cocktail

Developed by Dr. John Myers M.D., this blend of essential B vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and minerals is the #1 GO-TO infusion for helping a wide variety of symptoms. The Myers Cocktail infusion is by far the fan favorite here at Lively IV.


Hangover Relief Infusion

Hydration, Electrolyte replacement, Vitamins, Anti-inflammation, and Anti-nausea all in one infusion is essential to any morning after a great night.


Migraine Protocol

After personally suffering severe migraines for years, the Lively IV staff is proud to offer this wonderful infusion that can assist in relieving the worst a Migraine can throw at you! This ENTIRE infusion can be VERY QUIETLY administered in the comfort of your own DARK, COOL, and COMFY room. With the primary focus on assisting painful inflammation and nausea, this infusion also includes magnesium and caffeine for rapid and effective relief.


Flu/Cold Infusion

Our cold/flu therapy utilizes anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea support to help manage the most common symptoms of viral infections.


Client Testimonials

Mike came to my house the next morning after my bday party and fixed me up quick. I laid in bed the whole time, it was awesome! Highly recommend mobile IV therapy!

Benna B

I never even felt the needle which is a plus. I'll definitely be calling in the future. For reference I got the immune booster. I had a massive headache for the last 2 weeks but now it's gone!

Michelle M

Very professional and knowledgeable. They created a special IV for Me, as I recoverd after discharge from Hospital from SEVERE Covid 19. A Much needed Immune system boost!!

Viata B

I was dehydrated, low on energy, and had a headache for two days straight. I saw results immediately and felt 100 x’s better with the mobile IV therapy, all in the comfort of my own home.

Linda S

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